Airline Award Chart Comparison: The Best Use Of Miles & Points

airline award chart, reward travel, miles and points, air miles, frequent flyer, airline credit cards, travel credit cards, travel deals, free travelAirline award charts are invaluable tools when you want to find out the best travel award flights that require the least amount of miles and points. An airline award chart comparison to various destinations such as Asia, Australia, Africa, Hawaii... is even more valuable.

As you plan your future free reward travel, considering such things as to what destinations you want to go to, when you can go, how many frequent flyer miles will it take to get the award trip you want... having an airline award chart comparison and knowing their airline alliance partners is very valuable and helpful information.

Below is an airline award chart comparison of some of the main US domestic airlines, and the frequent flyer miles required to get the reward travel that you want and desire. The destinations include Asia (Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand...), Australia and New Zealand, Africa (South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia...), South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil...), Europe, the Middle East, and Hawaii. Also included below the comparison are links to several of the US airline companies' award charts or award travel information page.

The airline award chart comparison is for Departures from the Continental US to various travel destinations in the world. The typical number of required frequent flyer miles is per round trip travel per person in economy class. The actual number of miles needed for award travel may vary slightly depending on the time of year and the specific dates you select. It is always a good idea to try to check a variety of dates or date ranges if possible.

Departure Location:  Continental US
Airlines in Comparison:  Alaska Air, American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines
Destinations & Required Miles to Earn Round Trip Award Travel:

So. America N: (Colombia...)     30k Alaska ; 35-40k AA; 40k United; 55k Delta
So. America S: (Brazil...)             30-40k Alaska; 60k AA; 60k United; 75k Delta
Hawaii:                                          35k Alaska ; 40-45k AA ; 45k Delta; 90k United
Europe:                                          40-55k Alaska; 45-60k AA; 60k Delta, United
India:                                              50-80k United ; 80-85k Alaska; 80k Delta, ANA
Asia 1: (Japan, Korea)                   50k Alaska; 65-70k AA ; 70k United
Asia 2: (China, Thailand...)           60-70k Alaska; 65-70k AA; 75k United
Australia/New Zealand:            70k United; 80-85k Alaska; 100k Delta
Middle East:                                  70-80k Alaska; 80k Delta; 85k United
Northern Africa:                          70k Delta ; 70-80k Alaska/Condor ; 80k United
Southern Africa:                          70k Delta ; 70-80k Alaska/Condor ; 80k United

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  • Alaska Airlines is included in the comparison because they offer some of the best award travel possibilities, because the number of required award miles are lower than many other airlines.
  • A good knowledge of the alliance airline partners for the above US airline companies is very helpful also to understand how you can travel to various parts of the world. Often times you will be actually travelling on these airlines' partner company, or a combination of their flights and some partner flights.


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Bonus Award Travel Credit Cards
One of the fastest ways to build up your Airline Frequent Flyer Miles or your Reward Travel Points is to use Travel & Airline Credit Cards that offer high bonus miles or points that can be used for award travel. Various Banks and Credit Card issuers offer a large variety of travel rewards and airline credit card products for these frequent flyer programs, including:

  • American Express (Membership Rewards program with points tranfers to Aeromexico, Air Canada,  Air France/KLM, ANA, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Emirates, Hawaiian Air, Iberia, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantics...)
  • American Express Delta Cards (personal & business)
  • Bank Of America Travel Cards (award flights through their system)
  • Bank Of America Alaska Air Cards (personal & business)
  • Barclays Cards (American AAdvantage, Hawaiian Air, JetBlue)
  • Capital One Travel Cards (award flights on many airlines through their system)
  • Chase (Ultimate Rewards program with points transfers to Air France, British Airways, KLM, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, Southwest, United, Virgin Atlantic)
  • Chase Airline Cards (British Airways, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines)
  • Citi (Thank You rewards program for flights on many airlines)
  • Citi American Airlines Cards (personal & business)
  • US Bank Flex Perks Cards (award flights thru Travelocity)
  • Various other banks and card issuers offer card products, including Synchrony, TD Bank, Wells Fargo...

Click here for a list of the Best Travel & Airline & Hotel Credit Cards

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