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Flight Deals: Several Airlines Offering Sale Fares To Beijing or Shanghai China

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Cheap flights to Beijing and Shanghai China

Several airlines are having a special fare sale on flights from various cities in the US to Beijing and Shanghai China. For as low as $465 round trip you can fly from several US cities on the East and West Coasts to either city in China. Flights in this fare sale are available from September 2017 to January 2018.


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Air fare sale to China (Beijing and Shanghai)

There are many flights on sale in this special fare sale. You can useSkyscannerto check availability for the flights that are available from your city and on the dates you want between September 2017 and January 2018. You can search for sale flights on Globehunters orSkyscanner.


Then book on the travel site Globehunters orSkyscanner.

Here are the details for this special airline flight sale to China (Beijing and Shanghai):

Airlines:Air Canada, Delta, United
Dates: September2017 to January 2018
US Cities:Boston, Chicago, Portland OR, San Diego
Arrival China Cities:Beijing or Shanghai
Prices: US $465 to $528 round trip

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Travel Bonus Credit Cards To Use:
There are some good bonus specials on travel and airline credit cards you can use to book your trip to China and earn a lot of bonus travel points or miles.