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Traveling to Other Countries: Helpful Information On Visas, Vaccinations…

visa, visas, travel visa, travel, vaccination, vaccinations, passport, passports, world travel, foreign country, foreign countries, reward travel, trip, vacationBefore travelling to another country, you need to check out a variety of things before you go on your trip. Besides making all of the travel arrangements (flights, hotels...), you will also need to check many other things. If you will need a visa to enter the other country. If you will need vaccinations. How many blank passport pages will you need ? What is the requirement for how many months before your passport expires ? Where do you find all of this this information ?

You can find information on travel visas, vaccinations, embassy and consulate information, passport requirements, and other useful information such as links to an airport maps site... here in this article and on our Useful Info and Links Page

A great source of international travel information is the US government site:
US Passports & International Travel


To find information and travel requirements for a specific country you simply enter the name of the country you will visit and hit "GO". It will take you a detailed information page on the country. Here you will find useful info and tips about passports, travel visas, vaccinations, passport validity requirements, currency restrictions, embassies and consulates, safety & security info, health information, and other useful information.

Here is a sample page of Brazil to give you an idea of what you will find. It also will help you to find the US Embassy locations and contact numbers in the country, travel warnings, and a lot of other useful info and tips.


brazil, visa, travel visa, passport, vaccinations, travel, world travel, international travel, embassy, health, travel info


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You can find a lot of other useful travel information, travel requirements, and many links on our Useful Info & Links Page.


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Happy Travelling !