8 Ways To Earn Miles And Points For Free Travel Besides Flying

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There are many ways to earn miles and points for free travel through airline frequent flyer or travel rewards programs.

There are various ways to earn enough miles and points in airline frequent flyer or travel programs. Airline and travel credit card bonuses are the quickest way to earn miles or points for free travel. There are other ways to earn miles or points for travel programs, including shopping on airline shopping sites, car rentals, buying products or services from the airline partner companies...


There are a variety of ways to earn frequent flyer airline miles or travel points for free travel, beside the obvious flying on the airlines. Here is a list of some of the other ways you can earn miles or points for free travel through airline frequent flyer programs and travel programs.


1. Credit Cards - there are many airline and travel credit cards available that give a generous miles and points bonus if you meet the spend requirement. Airline, hotel, and travel credit cards are the quickest way to earn miles and points for free travel. The higher credit score you have the better chance you have of getting the best airline and travel credit cards. Check here for the Best Travel & Airline & Hotel Rewards Credit Cards

Guide To Improve Your Credit Score


2. Partner Company Products or Services - there are a variety of partnerships that the airlines, hotels, and travel programs have with companies that supply products or services, like flowers, wine, investments, satellite television, internet service, sports or entertainment tickets...


3. Dining Programs - every major US airlines offers a dining reward program for you to earn airline miles and points for dining at participating restaurants. Here are some of these programs:


Alaska Airlines:  Mileage Plan Dining

American Airlines: AAdvantage Dining

Delta Airlines:  SkyMiles Dining

JetBlue:  True Blue Dining

Southwest Airlines:  Rapid Rewards Dining

United Airlines:  Mileage Plus Dining


4. Surveys - you can take surveys to earn airline miles and points from various airlines. You can earn Jet Blue True Blue points through Points For Surveys, American Airlines AAdvantage miles, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles, Southwest Rapid Rewards points, and United Mileage Plus miles through e-Miles.com. You can also earn Southwest Rapid Rewards miles through e-Rewards.com

This is a time consuming method but it pays off. We have been earning free domestic round trip flights for 2 on Southwest Airlines for the last couple of years, just by doing surveys. It takes approx. 20-30 minutes or so per day, and you only need to do 1 or 2 surverys on a few days each week to earn enough for 2 free round trip flights for 2.


5. Utility Bills - Some of the airlines have partner programs with companies such as Energy Plus or Everything Energy and Reliant in some states. You earn airline miles or points by paying your utility bills. Check your airline frequent flyer program


6. Airline Shopping Sites - You can earn miles and points while you shop for items that you normally buy every day. You can buy thousands of products through many familiar stores (Amazon, Walmart, Kohls,...) and earn travel miles and points. Each airline and some travel programs like Chase Ultimate Rewards have their own shopping site, and you need to signup on the airline shopping sites. After you sign up, you need to start your online shopping on the airline shopping site first. Then you find the product(s) you want to buy and the store you want to buy them at, and then click the Shop Now button (or similar) and you will be redirected to the store site. You need to check out and pay like you normally do, and as long as you start at the airline shopping site you will be credited 1 or more miles or points for every dollar you spend. Some stores offer 2x or 3x or more miles or points per dollar.

Alaska Airlines Shopping Site

American Airlines Shopping Site

Delta Airlines Shopping Site

Jet Blue Shopping Site

Southwest Airlines Shopping Site

United Airlines Shopping Site

Chase Ultimate Rewards Shopping (login to your Chase account first)


7. Rental Cars - Airlines, hotel rewards programs, and some travel programs have partnerships with rental companies. You can earn miles or points for car rentals if you book through their site.


8. Uber or Lyft -  If you use Uber or Lyft then you can earn airline miles or travel points with some airlines and hotels and travel programs. Currently American Airlines, United Airlines, Hilton HHonors, and Starwood Preferred Guest have a partnership with Uber. JetBlue has a partnership with Lyft.


Besides earning airlines miles and points for free reward travel, there is another benefit of using some of these methods to earn extra miles or points. Using the dining programs or shopping sites or surveys or other methods will help you to extend the expiration date of your miles or points. Some frequent flyer programs have miles or points that expire, and using these other methods will help you to extend the date farther out until you can use the miles or points to travel. The extension typically adds another 18 months to the expiration date of your points or miles.


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