Cheap Flights To Barcelona Spain From $445 Round Trip

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Cheap flights to Barcelona Spain from various US cities from $445 round trip

American Airlines and their partner Iberia Airlines are having a sale on flights from various cities in the US to Barcelona Spain. Between August and October you can get cheap flights to Barcelona from $445 and up round trip, which is a great deal.


Cheap Flights To Barcelona Spain

You need to travel between August and October for this special air fare sale for flights to Barcelona Spain. Cities included in this sale are Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Washington DC... You can use the travel site Globehunters or  Skyscanner to check availability for the flights from your city and on the dates you want (between August and October). Then book through Globehunters or Skyscanner.


Here are the details for this flight sale to Barcelona Spain on American Airlines and Iberia. ​This is a great deal, and a great chance to visit Spain for a low price.


Cheap Flights To Barcelona Spain

Airline: American Airlines and Iberia Airlines
Dates: August to  October 2017
US Cities: Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Washington DC
Arrival City:  Barcelona Spain                                                                                               Round Trip Prices:  $445 from Houston & San Francisco ; $453 Denver & Washington DC; $461 from Atlanta, Detroit, & Minneapolis; $463 from Salt Lake City


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