10 Tips To Book Cheap Flights & Lower Travel Costs

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10 tips to help you to book cheap flights and lower your travel costs

There are various things you can do to save money on your flights and travel costs. When is the best time to book cheap flights ? What days are the best days to book cheap flights ? What are the best days to fly on ?  Here are 10 tips to book cheap flights and lowering your travel costs.


10 Tips To Book Cheap Flights & Lower Your Travel Costs


1. Check flight prices well ahead of your trip (start as early as possible)

2. Use Globehunters or Skyscanner to check prices and book flights

3. Signup for price alert emails

4. Check prices for 2 one way flights (could be different airlines) and not just for round trip flights

5. Check prices every day starting 8 weeks before your trip and look for price drops. Airlines begin to offer discounts for flights between 4-8 weeks before your trip

6. Check prices for nearby airports (sometimes there is a great variation in prices for different airport)

7. Book flights between 4-7 weeks ahead of your trip (this is the period where the best prices and discounts are typically offered)

8. Book flights on Tuesday or Wednesday (better prices and discounts are usually offered on these days)

9. If possible fly on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday  (these are the cheapest days to fly on)

10. Avoid flying on Sunday if possible (it is the most expensive day to fly on)


Book flights on Globehunters or Skyscanner

(Download the Skyscanner Android App)


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