Hilton Smart Rooms In 2018: Control Temperature, TV, Lights Through App


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Hilton smart rooms to be introduced in 2018

Hilton recently announced that they will be introducing smart rooms in their hotels in 2018. The Hilton smart rooms are called Connected Rooms by Hilton. The Hilton smart rooms will allow a customer to control things in the room such as temperature, lights, TV, and other items.


Hilton Smart Rooms Coming In 2018


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Hilton smart rooms to be introduced in 2018 by Hilton


Hilton recently announced a new innovation in their hotels. Guest rooms that can be controlled by a mobile device. The Hilton smart rooms are being called Connected Rooms by Hilton. Hilton also mentioned a possible future innovation utilizing voice command to control rooms.

A customer using the Hilton Honors app in a Hilton smart room will be able to control the temperature, lighting, window coverings, and the TV. The Hilton smart rooms, or Connected Rooms, are currently in testing at the Hilton Garden Inn in Memphis. Hilton said it will begin to install Hilton smart rooms in more of its hotels in the coming weeks, A plan is in place to install Hilton smart rooms in hotels across the United States in 2018.

Hilton is planning to rollout an app update for the Hilton Honors app soon so that customers can begin to control their smart rooms. The Hilton Honors app already features room check in, room selection, and the ability to open a room door with a digital Key.

Hilton plans to add other features for their Hilton smart rooms in the future. These will include the ability for guests to control their room, access their content, and to upload their own artwork and photos to automatically display in their room. Also, in the near future Hilton smart room guests will be able to "personalize their room with technology" that loads streaming media and other accounts to the TV in their room.

Joshua Sloser, SVP of digital products at Hilton, said that almost all digital products are born out of necessity and shortcomings in the marketplace, and Connected Room is no exception. The technology we put in hotel rooms has to be intuitive, simple and quick to pick up because guests typically spend a limited amount of time in their rooms and we want them to spend that time enjoying the experience instead of adapting to new technology."


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