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Cathay Pacific Visa card 50,000 Asia miles special bonus ends October 31

The Cathay Pacific card is now offering a double bonus of 50,000 Asia miles. The Cathay Pacific Visa card 50,000 Asia miles special bonus offer ends soon. The normal bonus for the Synchrony Cathay Pacific card is 25,000 Asia miles. Check out the details of this special offer here.

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Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite card 60,000 miles bonus special limited time offer

For a limited time Citi is again offering an increased bonus of 60,000 American Airlines miles on the American Airlines personal credit card. There is also a higher bonus offer for the Citi American Airlines business card. The Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite card 60,000 miles bonus is available for a limited time.

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How to get the most out of your airline or travel miles and points to earn free travel

Airline award charts are invaluable tools when you want to find out the quickest and best way to earn free travel with airline and travel miles and points. A comparison of airline awards to various destinations such as Asia, Australia, Africa, Hawaii, South America... is a very helpful and valuable tool. Once you know your desired destination, you can see the quickest way to get enough airline miles or travel points for free travel. Then you can plan and choose the airline credit cards or travel credit cards and other methods to earn enough miles or points for your trip.

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airline award chart, reward travel, miles and points, air miles, frequent flyer, airline credit cards, travel credit cards, travel deals, free travelAirline award charts are invaluable tools when you want to find out the best travel award flights that require the least amount of miles and points. An airline award chart comparison to various destinations such as Asia, Australia, Africa, Hawaii... is even more valuable.

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first class travel, airline award chart, comparison, airline credit cards, reward travel, free travel, airline first class, first class rewards, award chart, travel credit cards, vacationMany people use their reward travel points and miles for first class travel to many destinations worldwide. First class travel is not part of our strategy since we are trying to take 10 missions trips per year to 10 countries, and we need to stretch our airline miles and travel points. For a vacation or business trip, first class travel is a great benefit.

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Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Frequent Flyer Program
 Join Alaska Airlines frequent flyer program Mileage Plan before July 31 and they will give you 5000 miles to start for free. Alaska Airlines is a valuable frequent flyer program to be a part of, because they have many good airline partners that can help you to travel to many different countries and parts of the world. And they have some of the lowest required miles to earn free travel rewards. But hurry because you only have until July 31.

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