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Beginning in January 2018 it will be easier and less expensive to get a visa in the new Brazil e-visa program

Brazil's government recently announced a long awaited plan to begin issuing electronic visas for American citizens. The new Brazil e-Visa program will begin in January 2018. The Brazil e-visa program is expected to lead to a significant increase in tourists visiting Brazil. Citizens of Australia, Canada, and Japan will also be eligible to apply for an e-visa.

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Our mission trip to South Africa in February 2015

In February 2015 we had a mission trip to South Africa. We mostly served in the city of Johannesburg and surrounding areas. We helped and trained a couple of churches in the Crystal Park and Daveyton areas near Johannesburg, as well as speaking in various schools.

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We are on a mission trip to beautiful Costa Rica through today, and then we go on a mission trip to Nicaragua

We have been on a mission trip to Costa Rica since last Wednesday. We are serving in the capital city of San Jose. We are helping and training a church in San Jose, as well as speaking in various schools.

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nicaragau, mission trip, central america, missions, mission trips, missionaries, missionaryIn May of last year we had a mission trip to Nicaragua for 2 weeks. We were mostly in the capitol city of Managua helping and training some churches, and doing our Quality Of Life project in many schools. It ended up being a great trip and we had a lot of missions events and activities, and the results we great.

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visa, visas, travel visa, travel, vaccination, vaccinations, passport, passports, world travel, foreign country, foreign countries, reward travel, trip, vacationBefore travelling to another country, you need to check out a variety of things before you go on your trip. Besides making all of the travel arrangements (flights, hotels...), you will also need to check many other things. If you will need a visa to enter the other country. If you will need vaccinations. How many blank passport pages will you need ? What is the requirement for how many months before your passport expires ? Where do you find all of this this information ?

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On the grounds at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul

In April 2016 we had a mission trip to Tokyo Japan, and then after that we had another mission trip to South Korea. We were in Seoul for 8 days. We used AAdvantage frequent flyer miles on American Airlines to fly for free to Japan. Then we had enough miles to travel for a mission trip to South Korea on Japan Airlines. Our return trip was on Japan Airlines, Hawaiian and American Airlines.

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Last year we went on a mission trip to Japan, and it was a great experience. We loved Japan, and the people, the food, the culture, the cleanliness... We spent 5 days in Tokorozawa and the Tokyo area, and we helped the Calvary Chapel church in Tokorazawa. We were able to go to Japan and then to South Korea for a week after that thanks to having enough award miles in the American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flyer program via American Airlines credit cards and other sources of miles. We flew on American Airlines and Japan Air Lines on the trips to Japan and South Korea.

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